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Philippines’ coveted fashion designers added a new spin to front-row dressing at the 10th season of Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival

What better way to celebrate a new season of fashion than with the brightest and biggest fashion personalities? With their modern take on trends and that Manila cool vibe, Philippines’ coveted fashion designers added a new spin to front-row dressing at the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival.
In its 10th season, the much celebrated fashion fest kicked off the year of style on a high note. Close to 39 notable designers showcased their collections, and needless to say, had their models dressed to impress.

Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival: 5 Womenswear Trends That Be

For a romantic at heart, there were florals and tulles. For those with a wild imagination, there were nets and peek-a-book shirts. And, for those who like a more modern take on corporate dressing, there were asymmetric cuts, pleats, and deconstructed silhouettes.
Basically, everything you’d ever want from a women’s wear runway show was summed up in the four days (April 2-5, 2019). And, the luxury Edsa Shangri-La, Manila, provided the perfect ground for this display of sheer talent and dedication.
As the media partners HerStyleAsia was front and centre, covering every look to make sure we bring you the best of fashion straight from the runway.
So here are the top five trends that ruled the runway at the 10th edition of the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival.

1. Bright Colours Took Centrestage

Designers including Kaye Morales, Billy L Amor, Edgar Buyan, Egay Ayay, and even Win Del Mira coloured the runway with their brightly coloured collections.Among the many gorgeous outfits were bright neon-coloured co-ords and dresses, shirts and jumpsuits with the fire or lava designs. And of course, a whole lot of blue and yellow. These collections were in keeping with the one international runway trend that has taken over wardrobes this year: neons.Even though most of their pieces were runway-ready (read couture ready in some cases), they were also quite wearable.The jumpsuits and co-ordinated pant-suits seem to be a big hit at the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival.

2. Structured Draping Was A Hit

As is the mood of the entire influencer universe, designers put forth their best structured and well-tailored and fitted styles on show.
From androgynous coats, to form-fitting jumpsuits. From elongating pinstripe pants and shirts, to deconstructed structured and gender-neutral shirts, to dresses; there was something for everybody.
Designers including Mark Tamayo, Renan Pacson, Bessie Besana, Ministry of Silk, and Billy L Amor, gave us a glimpse of what it could be like if our office spaces were a bit more fashionable.
From workwear chic, to party-wear sophisticated, the structured designs were all class apart.  

3. Prints Made The Biggest Impact

Prints, prints, prints! From ethnic, to modern, to deconstructed, prints ruled the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival runways this year.
Designers including Emi Alexander Englis, Aztec Barba, Win Del Mira, Veejay Floresca, Egay Ayag, Limon Bamba, John Herrera, and Benjie Panizales; all championed the prints.
But it wasn’t just the use of traditional Pinoy prints on clothes. Designers created ultra chic prints.
They used their creativity and made traditional prints their muse to design their own versions and came up with never-before-seen style stamps.
It’s a trend that we think is likely to stay for some time now.

4. Floral Caught Everybody’s Eye

If you thought, “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” Well, move over Miranda Priestly, because these Pinoy designers showed us exactly how florals for springs is in fact, groundbreaking.
With flowers as their muse, designers sewed together never-before-seen floral pieces, not just runway-perfect, but also for those true-blue fashionistas who love to experiment on the regular.
Many outfits included bodices that were intricately laced with sewn flowers. While other chose a more modern way and added chunky flowers to headbands (another huge trend this year). And of course, there was impressionism.
Needless to say, a combination of pastels and florals, as well as bright reds and floral motifs ruled the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival runways.

5. Pleats Please And Drapes Deconstructed

Last but certainly, not the least were drapes and deconstructed chic outfits. From pleats to ruffles, to bows and mesh, designers played with a wide variety of drapes and how.
There were also a couple of androgynous outfits at play, which we loved!
There were many takeaways from the innovative patterns, and designers such as Philip Tampus, Dino Lloren, Marichu Tan, Jun Escario, Protacio Empaces, Mike Yapching, Junca, and Filip Todriguez were leading the way. 

How Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Paved The Way For Inclusivity

The Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival not only kickstarted a new season of style, but also discarded age-old bugbears such as privilege, ageism, and body negativity. Diversity and inclusion were very much the stars.
In fact, the oft-asked question of how most designers envision women, or what a woman should ‘ideally’ wear was answered through the collections.
The big takeaway from the season? The designers valued visions that were truly attuned to reflecting our truth.
And, the collections visibly encouraging women to Be More, Want More, Aspire More.
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