Welcome to the second day of Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival 2019, where generous, wholly sensory texture and ambitious architectural shapes took center stage. Check out all the designers who showed, here!


Renan Pacson‘s freshest designs for Arin? Elevated basics boasting interesting touches. We’re particularly fond of his striped, ruched, and ribboned maxi dress and that brown aged-pleather top boasting a single balloon sleeve worn over an asymmetrical chrome wrap skirt.

Aurea Vinluan

Voluminous, billowing blooms in cloudlike ivory floated past front-rowers courtesy of Aurea Vinluan.

Denesse Ramirez

Broken mirrors equal anything but bad luck, according to Denesse Ramirez, who adorned her gossamer blush-hued pieces with light-catching, linked shards of shattered glass.

Iris Driz

Iris Driz sure knows how to tie a lean, mean knot. Her ultra-textured collection, done in sombre burgundies and tans, was a wonderland of thick knits manipulated in fascinating forms: Fringed, twisted, puffed.

Joanna Ngo

How many routes are there to playing with tulle? Joanna Ngo counts all the most experimental ways.


We were admittedly enamored with Khang‘s sheer menswear selects. There was a black-and-blue barong-esque button-up teamed with traditional loose trousers, but our favorite had to be the buttercup-yellow ruffled shirts we’d borrow from the boys and sport with jeans any day.

Ministry of Silk

Aptly titled Midnight LilyMinistry of Silk‘s latest offering was a tasteful slew of subtly luxe LBDs in sleek, elegant silhouettes made to pass time’s test with flying colors.

Patricia Samulde

There was something inherently religious about Patricia Samulde‘s scarlet-and-white runway—could it be the snowy, draped linens that appeared blood-dipped? The barbed fibres reminiscent of a thorn crown?

Zia Ferrer

Zia Ferrer chides that there’s a ton you can do with a simple length of sailor’s rope. Seaman’s navy gets an out-of-the-box treatment via swirling, geometric arms and a petticoat cage.

Fred Telarma

Closing the evening on a fun note, Fred Telarma‘s veritable fruit basket of colors (zingy apple green, lemon yellow, and even kiwi brown) had us craving for architectural pleats, please.