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  • Think that Old Hollywood is a blasé sartorial reference? Well, we think that it’s all a matter of execution—and Bessie Besana did it well in her Fall/Winter 2019 presentation at the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival. She proved that the retro theme remains relevant because there’s something about its charm that’s universally appealing. The collection was entitled Concrete Jungle where ‘40s and ‘50s fashion details got a revival in the form of tailored separates, romantic dresses, and jumpsuits. Essentially, the designer modernized urban workwear through the beloved spirit of Old Hollywood. If Audrey Hepburn were to live in this day and age, this collection would totally be right up her alley. The ensembles were feminine classics but they did not lack a sense of mystery—kind of like film noir—and this was rendered through the black and white-dominated color palette. Boxy double-breasted jackets and sleeveless coats were given

  • In case you missed it, fashion designer Avel Bacudio teamed up with actor and triathlete Matteo Guidicelli to design a jean collection. Avel x Matteo 2020 was featured at the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festivalwhere ripped jeans were sported by every model on the runway. What’s so great about this collection would be how they intelligently incorporated distressed denim into chic outfits—just the kind of collection to make you think twice about the marginal utility of your beloved jeans. How did the collection do so? Well, by juxtaposing the casual jean with sophisticated separates that came in delicious colors of cream, camel, burgundy, with hints of blue, gray, and black for extra oomph. The nonchalance of the jean was balanced with the understated glamour of structured shapes in supple fabrics that consequently upgraded the jean into the level of luxe. Moreover, the recurring sartorial power of the collection

  • Nowadays, the battle of the brands seems to be about “the bolder the better.” Brands tend to distill all their energies into creating the next big disruptive thing, and this goes for minimalists and maximalists alike. However, Billy goes the opposite direction by keeping things simple without sacrificing impact. The brand’s F/W 2019 collection at the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival proved that there’s no harm in going back to basics, and maybe the next big thing is a thing of the past—literally. Billy designed a future-ready collection by recovering past styles or references from various sartorial eras. The references may not be obvious from the outset but the devil is in the details. The collection makes use of tried-and-tested silhouettes as the canvas to emphasize such details. The colors of choice? Jet black, sand and khaki, silver gray, and cosmic red (proof

  • Kaye Morales does it again. For this year’s Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival, the designer was able to prove that streetwear can always be redefined. And her latest collection suggests that streetwear could be more than just the usual binary of rebellious or tongue-in-cheek. Rebirth hits the sweet spot in between those two poles—it’s streetwear given new life. Every model on the runway seemed like he or she entered flames of streetwear ‘rebirth’ and walked out without a scratch—looking more fierce than ever. Why so? The whole collection seemed like armor-like garb, but instead of the top-of-mind use of tough fabrics and metallics, the designer played to her strengths and mixed various fabrics to create structured and flowy silhouettes—like a warrior playing with volcanic lava. Instead of the typical somber streetwear hues, Kaye Morales played it up and opted for rich, fiery hues in crimson reds

  • Ever think that the globetrotter feel of international cruise collections is from your reach? Well, it seems like Stylia might have had this in mind in creating their collection for the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival. The brand captures the traveler within our fashionista hearts and reimagined resort wear into something wearable for our Philippine weather. Think Riviera-style nautical dresses and caftans fit for the beach or for your daily city adventures—all in lengths and fabrics that are as stylish as they are comfortable. For those who love a clean, neutral look, Stylia’s got sassy, striped sailor dresses with a peasant blouse touch. One look even featured a ruffled one-shoulder top matched with a sunny yellow pleated skirt. For those who prefer a more androgynous look for your city charades, well, there are classic black ensembles like a sleek slip dress with a page boy

  • In fashion, where trends reign supreme, it’s unavoidable for people to start dressing like one another. Even for menswear, outfits in the metro nowadays have become a kind of uniform, thus reducing fashion as something cookie-cutter. However, Gable and Grant wishes to defy this by going against the grain. Through its PMFF Fall/Winter 2019 collection, the brand invites men to be experimental with vibrant basics you may have forgotten you could utilize for sartorial points. For this collection, the brand embodies the carefree spirit of American fashion through a mishmash of crazy color, prints, and combinations that beg to be reconsidered in your daily arsenal. There are obvious New York preferences through cheeky digital prints and the text “Empire State” splashed on various pieces. An adventurous gentleman might even enjoy the glittery suit offerings matched with shorts. Gable and Grant merges West Coast influences as