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  • By John Legaspi On its second run this year, the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival (PMFF) served runway looks that celebrated Filipino artistry through innovations. To cap off the milestone on its fifth year, the PMFF showcased a series of fashion and beauty events, including style and beauty talks, a search for the face of the Philippines, and runway presentations. These make the PMFF, whose vision is to see the Philippines with a fashion sensibility on par with the world’s fashion capitals, among the most sought-after events of every Filipino fashion savant. “What we’ve done over the years is to make dreams happen,” said CEO of Art Personas Ronnie Cruz. “This is a platform for dreams to happen. We’ve helped a lot of designers over the years and it is amazing to see what we have accomplished. We’re not just celebrating fashion, we are

  • There’s no denying Filipinos are bursting with talent and creativity. It is impossible to run out of new artists; there are always budding talents. The fashion designers of the 5th Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival (PMFF) proved that once more with their creations. Here are the highlights during the four-day fashion event that showcased world-class designs. Day 1: Star Studded Collection The first day of PMFF started off with creations from Philippine fashion's brightest stars like Yong Davalos, Cheetah Rivera, Chris Diaz, Dino Lloren, Steph Tan, Prima Villarama and Jaz Cerezo. There were a couple of “oohs” and “aahs” from the crowd, and the reactions intensified when Hello, I Love You Goodbye star Alden Richards graced the runway. He showcased pieces from Avel Bacudio’s collection. Day 2: The SoFA Designers, Ministry of Silk, Khang, and ARIN PMFF continues to provide a platform for budding designers. The fashion event

  •  By Lee Min-young Hazel De Leon won the EDGC grand prize at the 2020 Asia Model Festival "FACE of Philippines with EDGC" on Thursday (local time) at the Shangri La Hotel in Manila. There were 19 contestants in the running for the grand prize. The first runner-up was Christian Pauco, the second runners-up were Regine Bulac and Paul Etruiste and the third runners-up Beulah Gatdula and Nico Tolentino. However, only three ― De Leon, Pauco and Bulac ― will compete in the FACE of Asia finals slated for June 2020 in Seoul. The judges included EDGC Marketing Director Ahn Seung-ki, GTG Wellness President Kim Tai-hyun, Exyai designer Kim Hak-seon and modeling agency Art Personas creative director and Chief Operating Officer Rene Dominguez. "I hope that Korea and the Philippines can further expand cultural exchanges, especially in terms of fashion and beauty through the FACE

  • At PMFF’s fifth-anniversary showcase, there’s something for everyone The saying “different strokes for different folks” is best embodied in fashion. As a deeply personal and subjective art form (or utility, depending on how you see it—again, whatever floats your boat), The Self™ can never be separated from one’s fashion choices and biases. Luckily enough, there seemed to be something for everyone at this year’s Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival (PMFF). After five amazing years of shows and talks, PMFF still manages to keep things fresh and varied—just as fashion should be. From the slick shapes of John Pe Larlar to the punchy pieces of Renan Pacson to the fresh patterns of Yong Studio by Yong Davalos, fashion enthusiasts and industry leaders bore witness to a complete spectrum of style. Even among the wildly diverse Wonder staff, everyone found something to love. Everyone found a unique top pick to gush over—and gush we

  • Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival has come a long way. On its fifth anniversary last week, the most-awaited fashion festival in the Philippines celebrated life and fashion by showcasing talented local and international designers. Read on for the trends we spotted from the captivating collections that hit the runway. Asymmetrical cuts Kaye Morales, Dodjie Batu, Dino Lloren Life would be boring if we completely stuck to the same rules. That's perhaps why a lot of designers went for the unexpected and gave their creations an interesting twist with asymmetrical cuts and silhouettes. Kaye Morales, for one, put a spin to her signature androgynous style with this loose suit with only half a pair of sleeves. Dodjie Batu, on the other hand, went with a nice pop of colour with this striped one-shoulder top paired with glittering wide-leg pants. For a more festive take on the style, Dino Lloren went

  • Behind the glitz, glamour and rose-tinted glasses   At Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival, the long-awaited four days fly by pretty quickly. For the designers who showcase their collections here, this entails riding an emotional roller coaster of sorts. Blood, sweat and tears, sleepless nights and crucial months: they all add up only to culminate at a runway show with a five to 10-minute runtime. Then, just like that, it’s over. The truth of the matter is: what is seen on the runway can generate a surface-level appreciation of what goes into mounting a fashion show. But the nitty-gritty? The aforementioned months of (physically, mentally and spiritually taxing) work? Everything that comes before the actual presentation of a collection? They require getting to know the not-so-glamorous side of the industry, the designers themselves and their process. Because really, what goes behind the scenes of the